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Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

My Angel Investments

Image by Georg Arthur Pflueger is a platform that allows and supports people needing care to find high quality, vetted carers for themselves and their loved ones directly. Primecarers reduces care costs, improves continuity of contact and financial returns for carers compared with the traditional Agency model.

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VirtTuri is a next generation AI avatar digital assistant that combines market-leading response speed and accuracy with a world-leading, patented, hyperrealistic avatar interface

This combination is scientifically proven to elevate user engagement and recall of complex information. The company is particularly experienced in using its technology to convey highly-regulated, pharmaceutical and healthcare information to consumers.

Image by Jay Heike.jpg

Bodytrak®, the only precision physiological monitoring solution utilising cloud-based analytics to automate health & safety and performance monitoring including in extreme situations.

Image by İsmail Enes Ayhan.jpg utilizes AI to help businesses generate significant savings in time, cost and resources whilst improving measurability and compliance when managing sensitive information within unstructured data.


The Freehand team shares this goal and through hard work and experience of over a decade and 15 000 cases, we have developed new collaborative robots (COBOTs), that are FDA & CE certified, to bring the benefit of robotic assistance to every laparoscopic and thoracoscopic procedure. 

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Cemos Group PLC

Pivoting from a new technology shale oil company, Cemos is now a large, fast-growing cement manufacturer in Morrocco. Not my typical angel investment but one of my first.

Image by Ross Findon.jpg

iThrive (Ceased Trading)

​Unfortunately, iThrive ceased trading due to the pandemic. However, it is included here because it sought to use an AI coaching chatbot to help improve work-related stress, employee engagement and mental health, all areas of great interest to me.

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