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Grit or Quit

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

I get tired of reading so many coaches and mentors praising Grit. In my experience, relentless persistence often means ignoring the market or negative feedback and 'throwing good money or effort after bad.' Knowing when to give up on an idea or worldview is key to pivoting in a new direction. Persistence in the face of failure can amount to 'doing the same thing expecting a different result. One thing ten years in the stock market taught me is 'Don't fall in love with yesterday's decisions.' This means if the facts or the data change be prepared to make a fresh choice. An internal focus on Grit often leads to wilful blindness to things we do not want to be true. I recommend this podcast interview with Annie Duke and her book Quit, as an important read for business people and entrepreneurs. I think its content makes a great case for using a business mentor or advisor who can act as a less emotionally invested sounding board for reviewing and processing strategic decisions.

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